Letting your Hair Down in Magaluf

92-2013012114104775526057463 (1)If you are like me, and you believe that annual holidays are a time to behave appallingly, you are sure to have considered heading to Magaluf one year, even if you have yet to do so. Despite being one of the oldest of the Mediterranean party destinations, Magaluf still attracts millions of committed partygoers every year.

The great line-up of events that local organisers put on each season is one of the reasons it has remained so popular.

Head to www.magalufevents.com and Other Informative Sites

If you want to know exactly what type of events you can look forward to when you stay in Magaluf, take a look at websites such as the one mentioned above, to see what tickets they are selling for next year. As a resort with a long history, the local organisers have had plenty of time to get their acts together as far as putting together exciting events is concerned, and it shows.

 Boozing at Sea– Load a boat up with as much booze as it can carry, then add a few hundred fun-loving tourists and what have you got? Some might say a recipe for disaster but in fact the safety records of local boat party operators are second to none. What you’ve actually got is a great day out, during which you’re likely to have the time of your life and make loads of new friends.

 Guided Nightlife Tours– You might think that there’s no need for babysitters when heading into town to party but if you think of them more as party enablers, you will start to see the advantages to booking a couple of guides through a site such as www.magalufevents.com for a night out. The fact that you will be taken on an extensive pub crawl before you get to one of the famous clubs, such as BCM Planet Dance, is just one of the reasons to book a guided nightlife tour during your stay.

 Full Moon Party Nights– You’re sure to have heard all about these regular events so I won’t add anything further, save to say that you should definitely go to at least one if you can.

 You are bound to be able to think of a few more events that you fancy sampling while you’re on holiday in Mallorca but if you take my advice, you will make time to try all of the above first.

Tips to Book Live Entertainment

25-stars-play-better-2If you are planning to hire entertainment for anniversary, graduation, party, event, etc. you have to make it lively and fun. No matter what party or event it is, all your guests should enjoy the event. There are several performers like live bands, fire-eaters and magicians take time to prepare for the shows. Preparation is important since you will be performing in front of hundreds and thousands of people. You have to plan the event in such a way there are sufficient time and amount given to each performer.

The price of performance differs from individual to individual. If you are hiring a popular and well-known person, he/she may charge you a hefty sum. You have to inform them three or four weeks before the show. Some performers will ask for one month time and some would check their schedule and give the dates. If you inform in advance, you can easily hire the person you need. It depends on flexibility, current bookings and schedules of the performer.

example-photoThe performer’s schedule is completely non-traditional. They can perform all throughout the day and night without breaks. If you are hiring a performer for continuous three, four or more days, then they would charge more. You have to notice them about the event in advance. It is important to make the entire event special by getting necessary license and permits, creating custom routines and setting up music. Some dangerous activities like slideshow stunts and fire eating needlicense.

What is your requirement?
Organising interesting and fun entertainment can improve guests’ experience. No matter you are hiring amagician, DJ, caricaturist, live performances or a live band, they help to create excellent experience. Your guests would share their experience with friends and family members. You need to find what kind of entertainers suit your function or event. For example, if the event is marriage ceremony at a golf resort, you have to think about entertainment and activities suitable for the location and event.

entertainmentAlmost two hundred guests would be visiting. You can plan for a traditional setup like speeches, dancing, plated dinner, cocktail hour, etc. You have to identify when and where entertainment makes sense. Some guests will be interested in mind reading and magic. It is popular in most wedding events.You can set walk around or strolling near the cocktail reception so that the performers can form as small groups and walk around. Little light music, mind reading and magic help to make a great difference in an event.

Finalise your budget
It is the most important point you need to consider while planning an event. The charges of every performer differ and you have to choose according to their skills, charges and availability. A stilt walker will quote a different fee and it would not be same as magician or mentalist. It depends on how they use their expertise and time.Initially, you can fix a rough budget. After you confirm the events, you can get an idea how much you need and how you spend.

Hire A Live Band Or Disk Jockey For Your Wedding Reception

stacks-image-D70AAC5What kind of entertainment you can include for your wedding reception? A variety band or disk jockey is an excellent option. A live band helps to impress your guests. It touches all age groups. People would fascinate by the performance and feel happy to hear the music. The energy of live band is awesome. It is more mystique and vibrant than disk jockey. The bands will be playing music live. Their beats will make the dance floor crowded. It is far better when compared to disk jockey.

Its A Matter of Choice
DJ will bring their software, players and instruments. They will have a limited collection of songs and play back to back to entertain the guests. They have to see the crowd, environment, location and atmosphere to play the right track. It should go well according to the event. In most wedding events, live band remains etched in memory. You would even question who performed this album and ask for once more. But in DJ, they will perform the same song with some mix and match.

dj06Capacity By Numbers
Some professional DJs will argue live bands do not perform many songs. It is not true. They have the capacity to perform for about sixteen hours. They would pick and sing strongest songs according to the preference of crowd. They ensure that the dance floor is packed with guests and everyone enjoys their performance. They keep seeing the energy levels of the guests and choosing songs accordingly.

One Man Army vs Multi Hands at Work
In some cases, a live band will play DJ role. For example, when they need a break, one or two members will play some popular songs. It may not be in songlist, but they would play to entertain the guest. Also in cases like cutting the cake, garter and bouquet toss, maid toasts to bride and best man, they ensure to play some peppy songs in the background instead of singing live.

Going Live!
If you are hiring a music band, ensure to see their reputation, experience and recent projects. It is best to choose in form of reference. For example, if you have listed to a live band recently in your friend’s wedding event and wished to hire their service, you can ask your friend’s recommendation. You can get details like how much they charge, how long they perform and regarding the quality of work. You can select three to five live band professionals and then shortlist as per your event.

events_weddings1Cost Matters
It is necessary to book them in advance. You have to see whether they charge reasonably. Some live band performers will charge double the cost because of their reputation and popularity in market. It is recommended to select reasonable charging players. It is well and good if they balance and play both the roles that are as DJ and live band performers.

You have to see the song list before they start to perform. If you want to make any changes or alterations, you need to inform them. They should have a good collection of songs. It should be assorted and from different musical styles. If a group is performing for a long time in the market, you can choose them as your live performers.